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Blog: England Are A Team Of Virtuous Saints...

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If only it had been a game full of incident, I'd have something to sing about on Sunday...

BLIMEY. After Michael Owen's goal, my brother said HILARIOUSLY, "Now, just defend for 87 minutes!" I didn't think that that's what they'd DO. We watched the game in the 12 Bar, it was actually really COOL as they had a big telly in the back bar. The room was full, but no full of PILLOCKS like pubs usually get when you go to watch the football, and, apart from, you know, the result, we had a BRILLIANT time. Apart from the result... but I shall speak further of this in SONG at the weekend.

Obviously things had gone on RATHER long, and the Headline Band were worried that their pals would have to go home, so the other band and I agreed to do 15 minutes sets. Most people missed the first band, as there was much MOPING AROUND and disagreeing with the telly, but handily this was fading away when it was my turn, and slightly surprisingly the room was pretty full for ME to come on and do a heavily altered version of "The Fair Play Trophy", and the following:
The Fair Play Trophy
The Peterborough All Saints Wide Game Team Group B
Hey Hey 16K
Things'll Be Different (when I'm In Charge)
Easily Impressed
An HEAVILY compressed set, which I actually really enjoyed, CHARGING through the songs to get as much in as I could. I wasn't looking forward to playing after such an evening, but in fact it sorted me out quite a bit. All I need to do know is not think about it too much and all will be WELL!

And, as Tim The Celebrity Drummer says, with Germany, Italy and Spain out too, there's LOADS of teams left in to choose from to support!

posted 25/6/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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