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The Updating CONTINUES - the Discography is back up to date again now, with the addition of two new compilations that I'm on, both of which are rather LARGE. The first is "60 Minutes (our hour)" from Where It's At Is Where You Are, and it is a thing of BEAUTY. It's got 60 songs, all of which are one minute long, by 60 different ARTISTES, and it comes in see through packaging that is a JOY to behold. It's lovely - you should be able get copies of it from WIAIWYA Mastermind Mr J Jervis, and I think his contact details are on their webpage.

Also on there, and released this Friday night, is "Silver Rocket SR50", released by Silver Rocket. This has a paltry FIFTY bands on it, all of whom have played at the Silver Rocket club at some point, and it's out to celebrate their 50th EVENT this Friday. You can get a copy of this from their website or, indeed, from the club, which is Upstairs At The Garage in That London this Friday night.

Also, at some point, there should be a compilation coming out from Tasty Fanzine, which features "Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer", and one from Moo From Twinkie called "Walkman Don't Talk Man", featuring "Walkman In My Head", although I've no idea when these'll be out - I think the Tasty one's out around October time, possibly, but the Walkman one seems to have been in the PLANNING for a couple of years now!

That's the CURRENT STATUS anyway - next I'm going to tidy up the "new songs" and "lyrics" sections... if you don't hear from me for the next month, I'll have got lost in there somewhere...

posted 3/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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