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Blog: More Dates Added

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Yes, due to massive demand we have finally relented and added an extra date to the tour!

OK, that's not ENTIRELY true, rather, due to Someone Asking Me Too, I am now ALSO playing in Birmingham on Saturday September 18th with Pete Green and, funnily enough, that Jeffrey Lewis chappie again... this is beginning to become eerily like last year's Chris T-T A-THON, although that turned out pretty nicely and he didn't SEEM to think I was actively stalking him - i kept getting OFFERED gigs with him, it wasn't like the Half Man Half Biscuit situation where we pretty much WERE stalking them, gig-wise - so with any luck this will become a thing of BEAUTY too. I'd hoped to drag THE BAND along for that one, but it turns out this is an Acoustical Only Affair, but I'm still hopeful of getting Emma and/or Tom on stage with me at some point in the proceedings.

Crikey though, this is now looking like a Real, ACTUAL, BONA FIDE Tour style TOUR isn't it? Five gigs in six days is NOT messing about. In the past i've joked about Being On Tour when we've had two gigs in the space of a week - INDEED, when i lived on my own I used to have a Voon poster on my wall boasting about our "Autumn Tour", when we had six gigs the same month! As I recall we DID have three gigs in a row one weekend - The Princess Charlotte on the Friday, The Carlsboro Music Centre on Saturday (as some DERANGED attempt to show off their instruments, though i somehow doubt VOON playing them persuaded anybody to buy - still, i did get to have a go on a Hofner Bass...) and Peterborough (an out of town gig!!) on the Sunday. We were very excited about it at the time, i seem to recall, although, as detailed in The Curse Of Voon, we did rather EMBROIDER the stories of what happened.

Anyway, yes, what I mean to say is that it's caught me off guard a bit to realise that when I say I'm ON TOUR in September, i actually AM! Much like the booking of Validators Practices 3 months in advance, its things like that that GIVES ONE PAUSE. Stomping up the MOUNTAIN OF ROCK, sometimes you turn around and realise that you've actually come a long long way, and it's good to stop and appreciate the view for a bit.

posted 20/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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