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Blog: Uncharitable Thoughts

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Like approximately 90% of the population (the other 10% those ESCHEW the media, Daily Mail readers, and The Conservative Party) I read the news about "Sir" Mark Thatcher with GLEE and JOY. AHAHA! Also like MUCH of the population, i bet, I had some Rather Uncharitable Thoughts too - it was a GRATE relief to me when my Landlady admitted that her first thought had been "Maybe Thatcher will COLLAPSE when she hears the news and DIES! GRATE!" as that had certainly been mine too... is this WRONG i wonder? In normal circumstances, YES, one would hope that CHARITY extended to all human beings in such a situation. HOWEVER this IS a special case, and I'm sure THE LORD will forgive us our WRATH in this case, for LO! those of us who lived through her reign of corruption, destruction and national mutilation have good reason to Actively Hate her so.

But then I thought "Hang on! One of my favourite songs that I've written for the new album is ABOUT Thatcher dying!" (NB Actually it's about the way that people are re-writing hers and Reagan's dreadful legacy, and how when she DOES die people will talk complete LIES about her, just as they did about Reagan, and indeed to a lesser extent about Enoch Powell, but anyway...) SUDDENLY i found myself hoping she would PULL THROUGH!

Hoping for the health and well being of Thatcher is something of a NOVELTY for me - I shall have to look into a MEANS of getting that song out SHARPISH!

posted 26/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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