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As well as the much-mentioned and ACE Johnny Yeah Show, Kooba Radio are now broadcasting the Claire Dickinson show which, as with aforesaid Johnny Yeah Show, plays ONLY "unsigned"* music, and is ALSO bloody GRATE. I've said it many times before, but it BOTH gladdens my heart to know there is SO MUCH brilliant new music being made, AND saddens me to once AGANE be reminded about how inept and clueless the "music" "industry" is that it never ever bothers to listen to any of it.

ANYWAY, Claire's new show is up NOW at the Kooba Radio site, and very GRATE it is too, not least because it features a track from Johnny Domino's EXTRAORDINARILY FAB new album "Solid Ground". Ooh, it's ever so good, i must have a LISTEN when i get home... yes, so this REMINDED me that i hadn't mentioned my JINGLE, which I did the other day. I got a group email asking for people to write a JINGLE for the show, and so over the weekend I had a couple of attempts, with THIS ONE coming out best. Have a listen - I'm really chuffed with it, it's been running ROUND and ROUND in my head all week... actually, I'm considering pinching it back again and using it for a song of my own, but SHH! that's between you and me, OK?

posted 26/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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