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Blog: Delays On The Hibbett Line

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I was late in to work today, it was a morning when i REALLY would rather have stayed in bed, MAN ALIVE i am REALLY looking forward to going on Holiday, The Time Is RIPE for such an adventure! Me and the HOPS in my BEER are off for a week on The Isle Of Wight the week after next, and i am REALLY REALLY looking forward to it - Black Gang Chine! The Needles! The Bizarro Tube Train! LOLLING about on holiday AND being able to watch Normal telly! LOTS! Oh yes, watch out Fast Cat(ermaran), we have a ticket to RYDE!

Once i arrived at work my ENTHUSIASM for Actual Work was dampened further by NICE EMAILS - details must, i fear, remain SECRET for now, but it looks like i might be going to gig in Sweden AND Finland now, and also POSSIBLY MAYBE the US of A next year. I will of course keep you, dear reader, informed as soon as other details become known. ALSO I've just this minute had a CHAT with Ian From The Hull Daily MAil about our forthcoming JAUNT there, he's apparently doing another nice PIECE about us, like last time, and so i chatted LOTS to him. Ooh, it's like being a Proper Rock Star and EVERYTHING!

Also also I'm here with my GUITAR, as tomorrow is my parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary, and I'm (probably) going to be doing a couple of songs... possibly BATTLING through Hangover, as tonight it is one of the HIGH POINTS of my YEAR - The Peterborough Beer Festival! KERZANG! For 17 years now I have attended this MIGHTY event (a.k.a. The Only Good Thing That Happens In Peterborough), so I have taken the afternoon OFF to get there in good time. Really i should get it off for free, it being pretty much a RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY to people who come from whence I come, i am DEAD excited about it!

Oh yes, and ALSO i got my copies of the Silver Rocket SR50 compilation, with 50 songs from bands who've played their first 50 nights. On a brief listen my song, "I've Got What You Need" does stick out a bit like George Formby at a Post-Rock convention, but HEY! That's a Good Thing, right?

So, as you can see, my MIND is not today upon my profession. Still, SOD IT, Long Weekend, here i come - LET'S ROCK!

posted 27/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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