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Blog: All Roads Lead To Sleaford

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I had a BRILLIANT Bank Holiday Weekend. On Friday I headed up to Peterborough, as I always do at this time of year, for the Peterborough Beer Festival. This was my first trip as a Bona Fide CAMRA Member (yes yes, I'm 34, I'm ALLOWED to do that sort of thing) so i was a bit disappointed to find no MASSIVE QUEUE for me to walk past, but once inside all was WELL. I spent most of the night with my two oldest PALS, Robin and Mileage, and as we have done pretty much every year for the past 17, we talked a load of old bollocks from start to finish (especially about why there are so many road signs for SLEAFORD in the Peterborough area, when there's actually bugger all there) whilst drinking BEER. As mentioned in the song "Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer", we have a set of RULES which we apply to Beer Festival Drinking, that we ONLY drink beers that have words like "Summer", "Gold", "Harvest", "Sunshine" (etc) in the title. These are GOOD rules and have worked well for us, although I do think the breweries may be catching on to us, as it seemed as if every other beer THERE had one of these words in, some had MORE. I know I had a pint of Summer Harvest at one point, and there were several Golden Sunshines there... but HEY! I'm not complaining, they were DELICIOUS.

I love BEER, BEER is GRATE! I also love hanging around with my pals talking a load of old rubbish, and this is why the Beer Festi is always so BRILLIANT. Two of my brothers turned up too, which made it Even Nicer, with their Lovely Girlfriends. Robin, Mileage and I had come on our own, as we have done for MANY years on Friday Nights, for LO! we are OLD and WISE and have learnt over the years that the only people who want to indulge in a lengthy argument about Who Hit Whom In The Maths Exam That Time (and whose fault it really was), for instance, is US. We LIKE it!

posted 31/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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