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Blog: Hello Maxey!

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On Saturday i was STILL in The Peterborough Area, as it was two of my parents's 25th Wedding Anniversary, and AGANE we had a FANTASTIC time. The below-mentioned PALS Robin and Mileage turned up again, along with their Lovely Wives. The WATER in my WASHING MACHINE had also arrived, and the three of us Peterbrugians sat around MARVELLING at how we had manage to CON such a trio of GRATE WOMEN into hanging around with us.

The DO itself was lovely, there was GRUB, BOOZE (including a BARREL of JHB, which is LOVELY and also Hangover FREE), and then my Mum made a big speech which made... er... some people, not me, i am too ROCK, OK, me... CRY. And THEN i got up and did some SONGS! This was a bit WEIRD, as it was like one of those DREAMS where the audience is your NAN and your AUNTY, made MANIFEST, but it all seemed to go pretty well. When you are RELATED to the hecklers you can say what you want! The aforementioned Mileage RECREATED his role in the Durham Ox Singers by joining me in a few numbers, which was REALLY appreciated as it was just a tiny bit scary standing there, and he also handed me CHAMPAGNE to SWIG from the bottle between songs. ROCK!

Later on the six of us retired to the LIVING ROOM for a camp-fire (well, Coffee Table, but you get the idea) SINGALONG, which was really really really LOVELY, especially when we did "Rather Spooky", a song Robin wrote when he was about 16 for the Masters of Nothing, and which we used to do in Voon all the time. He seemed well chuffed to hear it, and i think Krista, his wife, was IMPRESSED in her husband's lyricism.

So yes, it was all EXTREMELY lovely, and then, it being a Bank Holiday, we came home and had most of Sunday afternoon and then ALL of Monday to lark around in! Bank Holidays ROCK!

posted 31/8/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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