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Blog: A Momentous Evening

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I got the usual train up to Leicester last night for an AAS Board Meeting... for the LAST EVER TIME!! Fear not, gentle reader, Agents of THE MAN have not finally succeeded in destroying us, very much not, but an even EQUALLY dramatic occurred - Mr Whitaker has RETIRED!

INDEED! He told me and Mr Fleay about it a couple of weeks ago (er... because it's the three of us who ran AAS, you see), and he would not be persuaded otherwise, so last night we presented him with an Actually Rather Nice Clock, had the FINAL GROUP HUG of our lengthy career, and headed off into the night for a CURRY to mark the occasion. It was all quite touching really - Mat had decided that he didn't have the enthusiasm for it any more, and that he'd rather be doing something that he got more out of, so like a Gentleman he told us so, and that was that. In the field of ROCK i am VERY MUCH a fan of only doing things when they are FUN, so i SALUTE him for his decision... even if i wish he hadn't made it.

So yes, it's now just me and Rob running the label, and as we both talk to each other on the email most days ANYWAY and see each other for GIGS toothere's no real need for properly minuted meetings and extra train travel, so we're going to be working in Exciting New 21st Century Ways! It is the dawning of a NEW ERA! Ideas we have on EMAIL and/or in the PUB after GIGS will now have a VERY REAL chance of being passed as AAS Policy! URK!

posted 1/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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