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Blog: Buildings Ebb And Flow Like The Tide

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The other thing about the Clock we bought for Mat, apart from it being Actually Very Nice, was that it's one of these new-fangled ones that SET THEMSELVES. Personally I think this sort of thing is one step too far on the way to SKYLAB and THE MARCH OF THE MACHINES, but anyway, what it does is listen to RADIO, find out what the exact time is, and then ROTATE its own hands until it is correct.

The effect of this is EXTREMELY SPOOKY. We put the battery in, the clock paused, and then suddenly the hands WHIZZED ROUND. Having been conditioned by years of sci-fi and whatnot, it looked to all the world as if we, the AAS Board, were TRAVELLING THROUGH TIME! EONS passed as those hands whizzed by, the skyline grew and fell, strange creatures roamed the land - it were SCARY!

When we emerged to head towards the curry house i looked nervously around for any sign of MORLOCKS emerging from the nearby Pump & Tap... the ELOI, of course, aren't back for a couple of weeks yet, and anyway they drink in the It's A Scream place these days.

posted 2/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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