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Blog: Vague Announcement

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I've been wanting to shout about this all week, but the fact that i wasn't quite sure if it was true has held me back... but sod it, guess what? We're going to be supporting HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT next month! KERZANG!

Well, i THINK so anyway. For ages now we've hassled venues and promoters for HMHB supports, and been turned down. We played with them a few times several years ago, when we actually personally knew the promoters responsible, but since then we've pretty much drawn a blank. Me being me, and slightly PARANOID about such things, became CONVINCED that Geoff The Manager took a DISLIKE to us the time we covered "Quality Janitor", and has VETOED future supports (even though - hey! - i once got a Very Very VERY nice postcard from Nigel saying he wouldn't mind if we supported again), whilst wiser heads have suggested that maybe somebody's realised that we'd pay to get in ANYWAY, and that us supporting thus LOSES them money...

Anyway, Tim The Celebrity Drummer heard they were playing in Nottingham, and as usual asked me to GET ON IT and get us the support - I pleaded DESPERATION and so HE took the job on instead, and LO! the promoter said "I don't see why not." We heard nothing else for ages, until Tim bumped into him at Leeds Festival. "Can we tell people we've got the support then?" asked our trusty back line commander. "I guess so", said Anton The Promoter. That's a "yes", isn't it?

In consultation last night Tim and I decided that, yes, it IS a "yes", so YES - we ARE supporting Half Man Half Biscuit! HOORAH! I'll wait until i get a proper written confirmation before i start emailing people and putting it on the gigs list, but for anyone reading this who's coming to see them in October, we'll see you there!

Now all we need to do is to decide whether or not to do a cover version, and if so, what. At the moment I'm leaning towards YES, and doing "Even Men With Steel Hearts", but we'll have to see if we get time to learn anything, I guess...

posted 2/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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