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I've returned to the 21st Century! I'm sat at my desk with it raining outside, wishing I was back having Holiday Fun, not really wanting to do anything but knowing that I've GOT to. I am fully expecting to find that my trousers are itchy, my tie is on too tight, and my blazer is far too big for me, because I'll "grow into it". BOO!

I had a LOVELY time on The Island though (you HAVE to call the Isle of Wight "The Island", it is the LAW). We went on several HEFTY walks, which went on for HOURS longer than the wildly optimistic map makers claimed, largely because the people who wrote the guides very obviously got fed up half way through. At the start it was all "Step over the stile, walk 3 paces, ignore the first sign, the walk across gently undulating ground (bearing right as you go) until you reach a gate". At the end it said "Walk. Lots. See city on hill. Go there." It was HEFTY FUN, also GOOD FOR YOU!

Which is more than can be said for all the BEER and WINE we drank, but HEY! We deserved it! We also saw some relatives, went on the PIER, went to BLACKGANG CHINE (which was DERANGED, also EXACTLY like it was when i was 12), went to the pictures, and generally had a LOVELY time. The Island (see?) is a STRANGE place though, it is very much preserved in AMBER, with signs and shops and clothes and streets and food and... well, everything, really, unchanged for decades. There's hardly any shopping chains there, which your average Saturday Guardian Reader might well ALIGHT upon as a thing of joy, but good golly by the end of the week one ACHED for something familiar that you might actually want to buy. The shops had been FOUNDED by FAMILIES 50 years beforehand, and the stock had mostly not changed.

It was brilliant though, the weather was LOVELY and most places were pretty much DESERTED. I felt HAPPY, RELAXED, and full of JOY to be in such a lovely place alongside The Ferry To My Island... aaah, HOLIDAY FUN!

And now I'm back at work... oh well, only a week until I'm off again, on TOUR! Let's start Winding Down NOW!

posted 13/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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