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Blog: We Called The Fan Club An Information Service

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Late breaking news - I am doing a GIG tomorrow night in That London! Jeffrey Greene of the Butterflies Of Love is over in this here country at the moment to do a few gigs, and this is going to be a Low Key Acoustical Evening. I'm doing my interview with the RADIo first, then I'm going to HOP over Euston way to play a few songs - I think it'll be a few people playing, so I guess I'll only be doing a couple, but I shall try and sneak in some NEW ones while I'm there...

So yes, after doing a telephone interview with the BBC to promote my forthcoming national tour, I'll be doing a low-key warm-up gig.*

This is all happening at The Victoria on Mornington Terrace, near Mornington Tube Station, on Thursday 16th. I guess it'll start 8.30ish, it's 2 quid "donation" for the room hire, and I'll be getting there slightly out of breath at about 9.30. If you can, do come!

* I keep saying things like this AS A JOKE all the time, then realising that, actually, they're TRUE. This especially happens with "the tour", which I always say in quotation marks but actually does not require them, as it IS a tour! Life, it is pretty bloody GRATE isn't it? I fully expect to wake up in a cold sweat to find myself aged 26 sat in my smelly old flat just about to go out and do my first, appallingly bad, solo gig.**

** Although if this DID happen i would not complain - I now KNOW where the Key In My Lock was LIVING at that time, so could go and FIND her early, and I'd spend a LOT less time getting worked up about what people who, really, didn't give a toss about me, thought of me. It'd be GRATE!

posted 15/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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