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Blog: Gig Instability Trauma

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GAH! We've had a really bad run lately of gigs going wonky and not happening - the Validators gig in Northampton, for instance, or the Smelly Ball gig I was meant to be at - and now i bring news of TWO more. The Half Man Half Biscuit gig i mentioned last week is now being POSTPONED, because Ken from HMHB is poorly - it must be proper actual illness too, at this length of time, so much LOVE to him and them from all here, let us hope he gets better soon.

More frustratingly, next week's gig at The Green Rooms is now NOT happening, as the venue won't be open in time for us to play there. BOO! We're working HARD on finding at replacement gig (any suggestions most welcome!), so stay tuned kids, there'll be more news here as soon as i have it!

posted 18/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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