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We met, as arranged, at Glasgow Central Station, and bought some provisions for the long long journey SOUTH. These included a pack of CARDS, and we played an EPIC game of PINOCHLE (it's GRATE pinochle), also Simpsons Top Trumps. It took a long long time, but eventually we ARRIVED, got a taxi, and hit the ADELPHI.

Gary visibly RECOILED in SHOCK when we got there, as is TRADITIONAL for first time visitors - like The Charlotte or The Vic or The Bull & Gate the Adelphi is known of by ALL People In Bands across the nation, and in our BRANES it is imagined as looking pretty much like them... what it IS is a semi-detached house on a very ordinary street, it is a bit FREAKY. Anyway, we got our stuff inside and headed to the CHIPPY. The people of Hull are very LITERAL about naming things, we found. For instance, the chippy is called The Chippy, it's next to a shop on the corner called The Corner and opposite a place you go for a BEVVY that is called The Bevvy. I'm surprised the founding fathers didn't just call it The City, or maybe that's what HULL means in Olde English.

Anyway, we got some LOVELY chips and headed back, to discover Jeffrey Lewis and co in the back of a Vauxhall. "I didn't know they had Vauxhalls in America" said Adam, bless, and in we all went again. Sounchecks were done, and Eddy arrived with a TYPED list of onstage times - Mr Jackson, the owner, is a MASSIVE Jeffrey Lewis fan, and basically wanted us (including Cracktown, the local band we were playing with) on and off by 9.45 so there could be MORE Mr Lewis - he was very nice about it, he was just ENTHUSIASTIC really... Eddy reasoned that a TYPED onstage times list would DERAIL such plans, and funnily enough it DID, Jeffrey himself was perfectly happy with going on at 10.30, and all was WELL... then someone said "Blimey, there's a QUEUE outside", and LO! There was!

The venue FILLED rapidly whilst Cracktown was on, and there was a LOT of people there by the time Team Frankie took the stage - they were ACE, especially as Rob INTRODUCED the songs and talked around them, it was lovely. Adam was next, and was REVELATORY, he was BRILLIANT, smooth and CLEAR and funny and ACE and everyone REALLY liked him. I'd never seen him play on his own before, and was worried that he'd be OK. I need not have so done.

Then it was ME! HOORAH! I had a GRATE time, it was LOTS of fun - I did "The Fight For History" LIVE IN CONCERT for the first time, and it seemed to go pretty well. Also "Easily Impressed" got a MASSIVE response, and i did ANOTHER Brand New Song! It's called "Rock And Roll Mayhem" and it's all about what's been happening to us - it was pretty short then, but it was destined to get longer... so yes, the gig was MUCHO FUN, and i got a bit MOBBED again afterwards with people wanting to buy copies of the EP. COOL.

Finally Jeffrey Lewis and cohorts went on, and they were GRATE - didn't really hear much of them in Birmingham, but this time they had my undivided attention, and it was ACE. I disagree STRONGLY with his History Of Punk, but it is a BRAVE MAN who travels to England and then claims that it was an American Invention, even if it DOES get a bit Ted Danson In Saving Private Ryan... but yes, the set was ACE - really funny, really clever, and just GOOD. He was also a really nice chap, and his comics (or is it comix) are SMASHING - me and Adam got one each, and we ENJOYED them at our leisure. I also got a MANLY HUG, as it turns out Mr Lewis is a HUGGER too.

Oh yeah, and we got PAID too! HOORAH! Team Frankie headed off to Sheffield, whilst me and Adam went to Eddies for TEA and TEACAKES and CHAT. We arrived to find "Blonde On Blonde" playing, and that set the tone for a MOST pleasant evening. The tour was going WELL!

posted 23/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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