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Blog: Another Interlude

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It's early evening on Saturday, and I'm COMPLETELY KNACKERED. Blimey! How on earth do the Rolling Stones manage to do TOURING for Months at a time? I am SHATTERED after FIVE dates, it's all i can do not to KEEL OVER. BLEH!

Still, the day has produced a couple of realisations. Firstly, that The Digibox On My Telly is RIGHT: that Scissor Sisters song DOES sound exactly like Robbie Williams - what on EARTH is the fuss about them for eh? Have the lazy cowardly idiots of the major labels got THAT desperate? What IS the difference between them and, say, Westlife, apart from a few pounds of weight?

The SECOND realisation is that Magnum PI is BLOODY GRATE! We've watched two Extended Episodes so far - i was expecting the Moral Simplicities, Really Really Bad Acting and Stupid Plots of Knight Rider (which we also watched recently), but HOW WRONG I WAS! It's fantastic! Moving! Full of INTRIGUE! And a GRATE theme tune! And Higgins! THE LOT!

It's brilliant - and three more episodes to go! With the POWER of MAGNUM PI behind me and some more FRUIT i'll soon be back to fighting fitness - PHEW!

posted 25/9/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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