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Blog: In Other News

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Also over the weekend, the following:
  • The Dictionary In My Spellchecker and I re-wrote the Validators' Biography, it now looks Quite Good, i think. You can read it HERE, if you so wish.
  • We also listened to Re-unmelt My Heart, the new Frankie Machine album, rather a lot. It's BLOODY GRATE.
  • Later we went to the PUB, where i had my first taste of Marston's "reissue" of Burton Bitter. MAN ALIVE! I used to drink this quite a lot back in... Well, 1992, i think (see below) and OH! The sudden wave of TASTEBUD NOSTALGIA when i had my first sip! BLIMEY! It was ACE - everybody! DRINK SOME! I'm actually out for a beer tonight with my old drinking partner from those days, i shall try and FIND it somewhere...
  • I found a REVIEW of our recent GIG in Sheffield in this month's Tasty Fanzine. The review's rather nice, even tho the accompanying photograph is a bit unflattering!

    posted 4/10/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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