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Blog: Back In The Jug Agane

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I'm back at work - wahey. Thus, am feeling in need of some ROCK - it was a GRATE week off, not necessarily due to the travel to Foreign Climes, largely due to a) arseing around and b) spening QUALITY TIME with my BIRD. Yes. Now it's over all is back to WORK and sitting around waiting for the crazy world of ROCK to start re-occurring.

But - AHA! Some of that IS re-occurring, for LO! i have another gig! It's on Saturday 18th April i.e. Easter Saturday, and again is at the Betsy Trotwood, so should be lovely. I am PLEASED about this, and I am sure on the night i will be full of GLEE as it's the night after seeing MACCA! ZANG!

ALSO on the ROCK front i can report that i bought some headphones over the weekend, that i might listen to the newly ordered ALBUM as loud as liked without bothering anyone and also, more to the point, without anyone realising that i was spending quite so many hours listening to the sound of my own voice hem hem. Anyway, the news it that it's sounding GRATE, am VERY pleased, and am now quivering in anticipation of what the other Validators will think when they hear it - will they think "Ah! Conceptual! Nice!" or will it rather be "Hmm - all these songs appear to be about that same thing i.e. the pub -is that right?"

Only time, my friends, will tell, only time.

posted 17/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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