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Blog: The Christmas Lecture

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This lunchtime i went over to the BBC again, to do an INTERVIEW - Mark Sheldon, off of the Phil Jupitus show, is putting together some documentaries about Local Scenes, and one of the ones he's doing is LEICESTER. I was a bit worried about what to say, until i spoke to him earlier this week - he's spoken to quite a few people already (including the mighty Mr Reverb), and the general consensus is that there's never been much of a unified SCENE as such IN Leicester, which was a relief to me. THUS i had a bit of an old think about what to say, and went in.

It seemed to go quite well - we started off with Mark asking me to tell him a bit about the history of AAS, the Leicester scene in general, and any thoughts I might have about it's progress. I opened my mouth and SUDDENLY it was twenty minutes later, and Mark looked like he'd been stood in a WIND TUNNEL! I do believe he managed to interrupt (sorry, ask a question) TWICE in the whole "conversation" - i had MANY things to say and i DO NOT THINK i left him in ANY doubt as to my opinions on a DIVERSE RANGE OF ISSUES.

Ooh, I did enjoy it! I got the phrase "stupid lazy journalists" in about NINE times, and "corrupt incompetent record companies" quite a few too, ALSO discussed the GRATE LOVELINESS in Leicester in general, and i think EXPLAINED the apparently mystifying lack of many overtly Asian influences on Leicester Music i.e. because all the Asian kids grew up listening to the Smiths et al too... it's not actually going to be going out until the week commencing February 21st, so by then it will no doubt all sound NEW to me, if any of my bits get in, that is.

It WAS fun though, therapy for FREE!

posted 17/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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