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Blog: Back Back At The BBC

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After heading up to Peterborough for a Parental Visit (all very nice, thanks) on Saturday, the Hole In My Polo and I found ourselves heading for the PUB to meet up with our Christmas Choir, ready for Mr Steve Lamacq's Christmas Sunday Session on 6Music. As ever on a Sunday, the train was LATE, but handily my brother James was on hand to MARSHALL forces, and we turned up to find a good DOZEN people there, including representatives from The Validators, The Fighting Cocks, Kooba Radio, Need To Know, and indeed my FAMILY. It was LOVELY, and any NERVES i had disappeared as i slipped into TEACHER mode, especially when we got to BBC Reception and i BOSSED everyone into an orderly queue to get their passes.

Up we headed to THE HUB (formerly known as THE TEA ROOM), where we started having a quick practice, which was cut short by the call from Henry The Producer to enter the studio. FEAR struck again, as this meant we'd never had a full run through of "The Advent Calendar of FACT", or ANY sort of go at "Rock & Roll Mayhem". I went in and go myself set up, and then they got the CHOIR in. Even i was a bit shocked by how many people we were squashing into the room, as the line of SINGERS never seemed to stop!

We sat for what seemed like ages until we got to OUR BIT, and once again TEACHER MODE helped me feel a bit less nervous, and then we were ON! It was ACE! I THINK! You can judge for yourself by going to the show's site and clicking "Listen Again" - I've just been listening to it now, and it seems FINE to me, especially a bit i didn't hear at the time, when he points out that I've been the most regular music guest on the show... EVER! Cor! I hadn't thought of that!

Anyway, so we had a bit of a chat about what an GRATE year it has been for us, for LO! it had, and then i did "Rock & Roll Mayhem", and it was GOOD! I was most pleased, as doing that particular song was the idea of aforementioned Stick In My Lolly, and as ever she was RIGHT. HOORAH! We then had more chat and LAUNCHED into "The Advent Calendar of FACT", and goodness me! That sounded PRETTY DARN GOOD also, i was CHUFFED!

Suddenly it was all over, and those of us heading for the PUB went to the PUB, where we looked at Dermot O'Leary, sitting in the corner being tiny. The 6Music TYPES arrived, and we had a DELIGHTFUL chat, and also some BEER, and BEAUTY SHONE AROUND.

It was a LOVELY and JOY, i must say, and i felt WELL Christmassy by the end of. Like i say, if you want to LISTEN AGAIN you can do so from the show's site, or if you want to listen to DEMO versions of both the songs, you can do that TOO, HERE for The Advent Calendar of FACT and HERE for Rock And Roll Mayhem. They are DIFFERENT, but QUITE GOOD. ENJOY!

posted 20/12/2004 by MJ Hibbett

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