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Happy New Year everybody! I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday Break, i know I certainly did. There was a LOT of family, a lot of presents, a lot of telly, THREE Christmas Dinners (one of which i cooked myself, OH i was so proud!), a LOT of BEER, and a LOVELY lot of hanging around the house with the Robin In My Christmas Scene. It was GOOD.

However, i was anything but IDLE on the ROCK front, as I spent much of the second half of the holidays BEAVERING AWAY on "Warrriors Of Nanpantan", our REST OF compilation which, hopefully, will be out by the end of this month. The cover is now pretty much finished, and looking NICE, but most of the time went into doing the DVD Extras section. Goodness me, I hope somebody looks at it, if and when they buy it, for LO! i have TOILED HARD over it these past few days! There's a VIDEO section, which is Exciting and NEW for us, and a SOUND section (which'll hopefully have the full Fairplay Trophy SESSIONS from the BBC in it, PENDING approval), but the BIGGEST section is the NOTES and LYRICS bit. There's 22 songs there, all of which have now got totally NEW sleevenotes written. Nearly all of them had bits written about them for the webpage, but these were mostly written just after the song itself was finished, usually before it was recorded or released, so needed TOTALLY redoing. I also put in a load of stuff about about where each was released, how it was recorded, and added lots of FASCINATING and NO, THEY ARE INTERESTING REALLY stories about the ideas behind them.

It was a LOT of typing, especially for the COME BACK, I'M GETTING TO THE GOOD BIT SOON stories, and I must admit some of it was a little depressing. Going through all these songs it turns out that around 1997-1999 I was not the CHIRPY CHAPPY i am today, and was in fact a bit MISERABLE. Poor old Younger Me, there's a definite CHUNK of songs on the album that are all "oh i am so lonely, am i doomed to be alone? also there is no heating in my flat and it is COLD" Sitting typing out the stories that brought these songs to BE made me feel a bit SAD, truth be told, but at least the fact that the songs are in (mostly) chronological order meant that I cheered up as I went along, and ended up feeling VERY happy that my life has got to where it is now, and i am all "oh i am not lonely, nor DOOMED to be alone, also there is heating in my house and it is NICE".

There's three more songs to add to the MASTER, notes and proofreading to finish, and a CHECK of the whole thing to do, but if all goes to plan that'll be done by the time we play DERBY next week, and the whole thing HOPEFULLY will be available by the end of the month. I shall keep you INFORMED!

posted 4/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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