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Blog: The Peterborough All-Saints Wide Game Team (group B)

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I've just put this song into the mighty Song Blog. One of the ideas of the Song Blog is that i can put new songs there (and go "look! Look! Look what i made!"), but the other thought behind it is that when i can put the correct lyrics to old songs there too.

Keen eyed observers might notice that for lots of songs seen on these webpages, the words you read aren't always quite the same as the ones you hear on the records. This is because i almost always typed up the songs within a week or two of writing them, and often months or years before they were recorded, and in the intervening time they got fiddled about with in Live Performance and that. THUS you'll see that the Song Database Version has quite a few bits that vary from the versio on "A Church Hall Of Sound (revisited)", and also that there's no mention in the "notes" that go with it about when it was recorded. And, as the song database is running at my old place of work, and thus is likely to be DISCOVERED at some point, I thought I'd take the opportunity to gently update the lyrics, and leave any new THORT here.

posted 19/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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