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Blog: Bestriding Ipswich Like A Colussus

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PHEW! Spent a CHUNK of this weekend working on the ARTWORK for "Warriors Of Nanpantan", it's looking LOVELY i must say. If all goes to plan I'll be getting the fully finished MASTER of the MUSIC off of Mr Fleay tomorrow night, finishing the NOTES bit of the multimedia on Wednesday evening, then putting it all together and sending it off to be MADE on Thursday. If things CONTINUE to go to plan then we SHOULD have it just in time for the London gig... it is EXCITING and NERVE WRACKING!

Meanwhile, HERE is the previously mentioned CLIPPING from last week's Ipswich Evening Star. COOL, isn't it?

RIGHT! Half an hour before i head off to Archway for this GIG and THE FEAR is already with me! GLURGH!

posted 10/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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