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You find me tired, battered, but ultimately VICTORIOUS, for LO! i have just got back from the Post Office, where the master and the artwork for "Warriors Of Nanpantan" was DESPATCHED to the Manufacturers. HOORAH!

MAN ALIVE it has been an ARDUOUS TASK, i don't remember any of our other releases being so difficult at this stage, although i SUSPECT this may be similar to Memories Of Childbirth i.e. once you're holding the new CD delicately in your loving arms a HORMONE is released to make you forget the LENGTHY period of AGONY that preceded it. I've been through THREE CD-writers, FIVE programs, and about TEN hours of Trying Not To Throw Bits Of Machinery At The Wall to get it done, but it DOES all appear to be working now, and when all's said and done, i think it sounds Quite Good.

I listened to it MANY times whilst getting the lyrics and sleeve notes sorted out, and there were LOTS of songs that I haven't heard for YEARS. It was almost like hearing them for the first time, and i was quite pleasantly surprised by how much i LIKED them. You, gentle reader, will have a chance to judge for yourself in a few weeks time - I'm hoping to have them at the London gig on the 29th, and other gigs thereafter, and they'll be in the shop in early February. Previous Purchasers of material from the shop will be able to get it a bit earlier, and a bit cheaper than anybody else too, so if that's YOU, watch out for an email in a couple of weeks time!

RIGHT! Now i am off to THE PUB - happy weekends, one and all!

posted 14/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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