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Blog: Healing Power Of Rock: Tested

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Yesterday I said i was feeling GROGGY and today it has FLOWERED into full-on BLEH! I had a RESTLESS night of waking every hour or so with sweats, shakes, shivers and aches, interspersed with an ANNOYING series of dreams about ADMINISTRATING a benefit concert to shift a pile of junk. At 3am i was staggering to the loo, shaking violently, trying NOT to think about the fictional petty cash for this fictional event.

THUS i have spent the day at home, and very nice it has been too - I've watched EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (GRATE!) and half RETURN OF THE JEDI, and actually am STILL to be shaken from my resolve that the LATTER is the superior film of the trilogy. HOWL all you like, but i think it is true. I have also done a FLYER for the Bull & Gate gig next Saturday (29th). I know a few people are going to try and come along, so if you print this out and bring it with you, you should get in a bit cheaper.

Meanwhile, i went to see The Fighting Cocks last night - i REALLY felt bloody awful, but hoped for The Healing Power Of Rock to pull me through, and indeed it is. They played at PUSH on Dean Street in That London, which is a rum old place - the same size as The Betsy Trotwood (i.e. TINY, the size of a living room), but it has a WALL dividing the room in half, so you are either in the BAR area or The Band Themselves On "Stage". This also means things can be VERY LOUD, and BY GEORGE they were last night. The Cocks were GRATE i must say, especially when they got audience participation Finger Wagging going, and there was a LOVELY VIBE going round too. Previously they have given off a slight air of menace and/or danger, as if the whole thing could collapse into VIOLENCE and unpleasantness at any opportunity, but the latest line-up is very different from previous ones i.e. everyone is LOVELY and gets on with each other, which allows the FUN and JOY of the songs to BOUNCE through. Finally, it is not just ME who wishes to rush over and give Charlie a big HUG every time he yells "ALL RIGHT YOU [flipping] [clots]! WHO WANTS SOME?" Bless!

posted 19/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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