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Blog: More Star Wars and NEWS

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I watched "Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of The Jedi" the other day whilst poorly (much better now, by the way, thanks for asking, and how are you?) as mentioned, and a couple of things struck me. First, GOODNESS ME but the "new" effects that idiot George Lucas Pritt-Sticked onto it have dated RAPIDLY and BADLY, some of it is ATROCIOUS. Secondly, yes, Return Of The Jedi is STILL the best one - anyone who starts saying "but but but 'Empire' is so DARK" shall be taken from this place to a toy shop whereupon it shall be pointed out that it is NOT DARK, it is STAR WARS for goodness sake! PAH! I discard them! THIRDLY, loath as i am to admit it, now that we've had the prequels, it really DOES make Darth Vader much more TRAGIC (yes yes it is STAR WARS not tragedy, i know, but still) and it's quite emotional seeing Hayden Christiansen right at the very end - see, there's a change that WORKS, possibly because it uses a HUMAN and not PHOTOSHOP. Fourthly, when Darth Vader chucks the emperor off the bridge (sorry to anyone who's not seen it... er...) you get sudden flashes of his SKELETON flashing through, like an X-Ray. I don't know if this is new or not, but it IS really cool, and if you freeze the DVD when this happens you can see that the skeleton is REALLY DETAILED and has ROBOT BITS in it! I was dead impressed!

So that is what i think of that. Meanwhile progress PROGRESSES with "Warriors Of Nanpantan", with proofs CHECKED and all moving forward. As i say, hopefully I'll have some on sale at the next load of gigs, and I'm planning to have it on sale from the SHOP from February 7th. It'd be earlier, but I'll be in Hull and Leeds for most of the week beforehand, so that seems safer. I'll set up a system to take ORDERS before then, and there'll be an email out to people on the mailing list about it next week too - if you're NOT on the mailing list, by the way, and you'd LIKE to be, do LET ME KNOW, and if you can tell me your postcode when you do that would be EXTREMELY handy for letting you know about gigs and stuff ALSO.

That is how it stands here and now. Thank you.

posted 21/1/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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