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First of all, there's another LOVELY review of Warriors HERE at the always rather LOVELY Friends Of The Heroes. Two things seem to be arising from the reviews - firstly that the people i've sent it to have no shame in using words such as ACE and GRATE (which is DOUBLY nice!), secondly that the title initially confuses them, as everyone seems to think it's going to be HEAVY METAL.

It really really isn't.

That's all very nice and jolly - ALSO nice and jolly was what I did last night, having been to my local COMIC SHOP in the afternoon. This week saw the final issue of Promethea by Alan Moore, which seems to be his GREAT (and GRATE) STATEMENT on LIFE, REALITY, and COMICS... and all sorts of other things. It really is mind blowingly amazing. He DOES things with THE MEDIUM (yes i know how tossy that sounds, but STILL) that nobody else has done yet, AND he makes it make sense AND mean something AND also be moving and funny. It is BLOODY GENIUS.

Over the 32 episodes there's been all sorts of clever things going on, but this was the best ever for LO! to enjoy it properly you had to take the whole comic apart, and reassemble it as a POSTER! There's lots to be said about DISASSEMBLING THE MEDIUM (ESSAY title ahoy!) and suchlike, and I must say i really did feel like i was part of an ACT OF CREATION. The comic's partly about the use of imagination to create real things, and here i was involved as a reader not just READING the comic, but putting it together. YEAH!

Most of all, however, it reminded me of collecting the back pages of 2000AD for weeks to make a gigantic poster of Judge Dredd crossing THE CURSED EARTH. OH the joy on my face when I'd finally assembled that tatty collection of newspaper pages together to form a MASTERPIECE of MOTORBIKES, MUTANTS, GUNS and SHOULDER PADS. I also had a Dan Dare Poster Magazine which folded out into a poster, which also needed regularly appliances of sticky tape to hold it together, and my BRANE swam with happy thoughts as I snipped and stuck.

I haven't actually READ it yet, i've just LOOKED in AWE - i'm going to need a good hour and a stiff cup of tea to get through it, and I'm also going to have to buy it again to read in the conventional way to. That Alan Moore, he CLEVER!

posted 18/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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