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Blog: Something I Didn't Know

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I went and bought a new guitar case yesterday - my old one's a bit knackered (it has ROCKED HARD over the years), and anyway i need a new hard case for my trip to EIRE next week. Ooh, that's come along quick, my first INTERNATIONAL gig! Anyway, I went into a music shop on London's Famous Denmark Street and found a nice, CHEAP, hard case that was labelled "Dreadnought ONLY!" What on earth does THAT mean, i thought - so i asked. The very nice chap behind the counter, being VERY unlike the Stereotype Music Shop Person, clearly and politely told me that that's what you call the normal sort of acoustical guitar that ISN'T a classical guitar. Well blow me, i never knew that! I've been playing the things for over a DECADE and have never heard that term used before. If everyone else already knows this then i apologise for my foolishness, otherwise i include it here for general consumption.

Funnily enough I then heard it used SEVERAL times, for LO! the OTHER guy behind the counter really WAS a Stereotypical Music Shop Person, with pointlessly ridiculous haircut (Roadie Circa 1970), obscure band t-shirt, and LOUDLY talking on the telephone to someone who probably didn't WANT him to recommend different types of guitar. Hilariously, just after I'd spoken to his colleague, he shouted "Yeah, DREADNOUGHT guitars are fine for ARENAS, you can use a DREADNOUGHT there, but a DREADNOUGHT in an intimate venue isn't as delicate as a CLASSICAL. DREADNOUGHT DREADNOUGHT DREADNOUGHT."

Bless. I wasn't impressed tho - i KNOW what a Dreadnought is now. HA!

posted 23/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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