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Blog: Whole Lot Of Hibbett

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PHEW - i tell you what, I'll be glad when it is SPRING. I've worked in a University Context (hem hem) for pretty much ALL of my GLORIOUS CAREER, and I have long looked in BEMUSEMENT at friends who work in the private sector, with their LONG HOURS and their "taking work home." Imagine how DISCONCERTING it has been for me this year, then, to find myself STILL in Higher Education BUT working stupidly long hours AND coming in at weekends. It is, in fact, a bit RUBBISH, and i apologise to anyone whose owed an email from me who hasn't had one lately - WORK is the reason!

Mind you, part of the reason why I'm still at work at this ungodly hour on a Friday evening is that I'm beavering away to finish off stuff before I do my next GIG SLAB. This is going to be DEAD EXCITING, also A BIT SCARY, as I'm doing my first INTERNATIONAL gig (as Scotland, i guess, doesn't really count) when i FLY over to CORK on Wednesday to play at the An Br
posted 25/2/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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