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Well that was a rum old do wasn't it? I stayed up until just after 3am, just to check that Everything Was Going To Be All Right, and i THINK it was. I'd really enjoyed the evening as it went along, ESPECIALLY when they FINALLY stopped saying that, for instance, Labour down 10%, Tories down 1% and LibDems UP 11% was somehow a swing from Labour to Tory and started showing the swing from Labour to LibDem INSTEAD. That was really exciting, and i ESPECIALLY liked Peter Snows 3-Way BATTLEFIELD. That was dead good, it was the only graphic that really worked amongst the CONFUSING and STRANGE things that kept happening, and unlike that weird Party Leader Robots STALKING DOWNING STREET thing, it DIDN'T give me the creeps for the rest of the evening either.

Also strange was the way everyone staggered away from the results not sure what to say about it. The Conservatives did APPALLINGLY - less seats than Michael Foot in 1983, and the SAME votes as William Hague got last time - BUT the were really chuffed with themselves. For heaven's sake, they'd just lost their THIRD election for the first time ever and got NOWHERE further with the number of people voting for them, yet they were full of glee and talking it up as a FIGHT BACK. No, it really wasn't! MEANWHILE Labour did pretty badly - 37% of the vote is NOT a mandate - but still managed to win DESPITE the war, and yet they looked as if they'd been kicked in the nuts all night.

The only people who looked as they OUGHT were the Slightly Chipper But Frustrated LibDems, obviously - more votes, more seats, and like Charlie says, a proper NATIONAL party, even though our DISGUSTINGLY SLIPSHOD electoral seat didn't reflect it at all. If anything GRATE comes out of this election i hope it will be that people all over the country wake up to how CORRUPT and PERNICIOUS our electoral system is. Just over one in three people who voted did so for Labour, and i think just over one in FIVE in the country as a whole did, yet they get a WHOPPING majority. It's WRONG i tell you, WRONG!

Still there's always next time - hopefully all them students'll stay LibDem and The Tories will EITHER have RIPPED THEMSELVES APART yet again in their leadership election (and OH BOY already the MPs are thinking of re-disenfranchising their own members) OR elect someone EXCELLENT and INSANE like Oliver Letwin or John Redwood, then LOUDLY disappear somewhere.

It's going to be INTERESTING and possibly FUN. COME ON!

posted 6/5/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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