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Album Stuff moves forward AGANE dear readers - this coming Sunday we are having a BAND MEETING to settle on the running order and sort out any tweaks that might need making. Being the MIGHTY New Model Band For The 21st Century that we so obviously are, we are FORGING new ways of doing this i.e. having a BARBECUE whilst we do it! Yeah!

I must confess i am perhaps a little too pleased about this turn of events than might seem proper, as i have always envisaged The Validators as a Band That Barbecues. When i picture us as a group of people (rather than, obviously, a BAND in a STUDIO) it's never in a pub, it's always wearing Dad Shorts and Dad Sandals mooching around in front of a barbecue. I don't know why, as it's something we've never done, but it always seems to suit the more RELAXED, laid back band relationships that's unique (to me anyway) about The Validators. Hooray for us!

posted 31/3/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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