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Blog: New Song!

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Well, new-ish anyway - over in the Song Blog and Annotations now you'll see details of a song called "We Only Ever Meet In Church". I wrote the original version of this YEARS ago, but dug it out again recently for possible RE-USE of the lyrics over the JAMMED songs we're doing at the moment, and have RE-WRIT it a bit. I don't know if it'll actually WORK or not, but hopefully I shall find out tonight, as I'm off to Derby for a band practice again.

It does MENTION my need to write down words as soon as I think of them, so I don't forget. Now, i have DEBATED this with several people - notably Mr Frankie Machine and The Hair In My Mop Top, BOTH of whom quote Paul McCartney as saying words to the effect "If you can't remember it without writing it down, it isn't worth remembering." I see what he's GETTING at here - it's like having an internal editor who only remembers the REALLY GOOD STUFF. HOWEVER! I think this is WRONG, for the following reasons:
  1. How would you KNOW? Maybe Macca has written some EXTRAORDINARILY BRILLIANT songs beyond even his OWN published works, and has simply FORGOTTEN that he did so. Having a pretty BROAD knowledge of his solo career, I have to say that there are several songs he DID remember that actually aren't all that marvellous*, so who is to say?

  2. Does this apply to all aspects of life? I personally find SPUDS to be a pretty important part of my VERY BEING, yet i still put it on the shopping list. Perhaps that is why LINDA founded her food company, because Paul kept coming home without VITAL INGREDIENTS due to his refusal to write a list, and so she built a FACTORY to make sure she always got deliveries?
  3. Mostly it's because there's a few more WORDS in my songs than Sir Paul's, and being a bit of an Alliteration Addict (thanks) if i think of a PARTICULARLY funky bit of wordage or rhyme i like to KEEP hold of it.

That's what i think anyway... I'm sure nobody else could care LESS, but then if i worried about things like that I wouldn't be writing ANY of this!

* and let's be clear about this - i don't want to go anywhere NEAR any lazy solo-Macca bashing here, he's done loads of BLOODY GRATE stuff. Come! Let us all listen to "Ram", "Venus & Mars" and "Red Rose Speedway", and MARVEL!

posted 24/5/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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I'm not convinced Linda built the factory herself. What would we do without Linda Mc Sausages though? We have them all the time, I could fit them into just about every meal... cooked breakfast, obviously, but also just get a jar of "chicken tonight" and you have a sophisticated (and vegan) casserole. AND (am I preaching to the converted here) chop them up and add them to stir fris or pasta, or ANYTHING!
posted 25/5/2005 by Pauly

Also, "bom bom bom AYEEEYA, bom bom bom AYEEYA".
posted 25/5/2005 by Pauly

INDEED - and let us NEVER FORGET that her LABS were also working on a Veggie version of BATTERED COD before she died... aah, what a DREAM that would be!
posted 25/5/2005 by MJ Hibbett

come on lads! Redwoods is the best analogue food co. they're sage and marjoram sausages is BEST (i had some for lunch). and they do fake fish too, not tried it tho as my memory of fish flesh is that it tasted of the sewerage it spent its whole life surrounded by in the sea. ewwwwwwww
posted 26/5/2005 by ray k

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