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Blog: Working From Home

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What a lovely morning it is, made all the more lovely by the simple fact that I'm sat in my house listening to records, as opposed to having to go on the TRANE and then NOT listen to records. Working From Home, it's SO very civilised.

The only TWINGE on the horizon is the embers of a hangover, for last night i Actually WENT OUT! FANTASTIC! Things out in the world seem pretty much the same as the last time i Actually WENT OUT, but it was good to check. My good friend Mr Lawson came down to the capital, and we went to see Mull Historical Society. They were dead good, but did rather go on a bit - bless, he was obviously VERY excited INDEED about the fact he was doing a gig and loads of people had come, and thus it was GRATE. That new album is DEAD good, all the songs from it sat quite happily with the ones from the first one i.e. they were ACE.

The only slight drag was that it really did go on a bit - after an hour I've usually had about enough anyway, but when he came back on for the Solo Encore it was A Bit Much - we left after he started the SIXTH song, even before the Obligatory Second Encore With the Band started. We went next door to a HORRIBLE pub like something out of a Satirical TV Show, it was an Australian Themed Bar, and it had a STAGE where they were getting girls to kiss to win a holiday "worth £160". Whoo! "Show us saaam TANG!" bellowed the compere, unpleasantly.

Then we got the train all the way back on the Central Line - HOORAH!

posted 4/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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