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Blog: Band Meeting

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We finally had our band meeting yesterday, and what a LOVELY time we had. There was Nice Food, there was Good Company, and there was even football on the telly. Last time we all sat down together to discuss things in this way we did it in a pub, got distracted by the pub quiz, got drunkened, and missed the last bus home. This time we sat out in Tim And Emma's Extension, got distracted by baby Edie, ate delicious barbecue grub, and everyone drove home. And we talked about Loft Conversions too.

It was SMASHING, and we also had our photographs taken by Joanne, who was LUCKY enough to get a sneaky preview of the album accompanied by people going "Ooh, listen! This is a good bit!" throughout. What LUCK! The outcomes were various, and I'll stick the action points up here when I've written them up, and it felt GOOD to FINALLY be on the very cusp of releasing the album.

We're aiming for JULY, kids. That's July THIS year!

posted 7/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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