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Today's RATHER exciting news comes from the FONT of THRILL that is Ginger Fuhrer Rob Manuel de B3ta. He emailed me the other day to let me know that the organisers of this weekend's Big Gay Out festival had been in touch to ask if it'd be OK for them to play the video for Hey Hey 16K on their big screens. He, of course, got all excited and said "YES!" then thought he ought to ask me. I, of course, got all excited and said "YES!"

This is because it is a VERY EXCITING THING - whoo! HUGE VIDEO SCREENS showing Hey Hey 16K! To huge CROWDS! KERZANG! I also like to hope that this will be our little contribution to the dismantling of MYTHS and STEREOTYPES i.e. and specifically the one that says being Gay makes you all hip, trendy and funkadelic. I know the new series of "Doctor Who" has probably DONE FOR that one, but still, i think more can be done to show that people of ANY Sexual Orientation can get a bit DEWY EYED about incredibly geeky things. OH YEAH! TO THE BARRICADES!

ALSO i hope it goes down REALLY well and the organisers are forced to BOOK us for next year - playing "The Gay Train" AT the festival it is set at, that would be MEGA! Also, WICKED!

posted 19/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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