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Today I got an exciting email from Penny, Events Supremo at Sheffield University, asking me to go and play the Fuzztival again. HOORAH! I, of course, said "YES PLEASE!" immediately, as it's a GRATE gig to play, and also it means i can get the TRAM to the gig. HOOPLA! It's on October 29th this year - diarise NOW - and as I'm meant to be playing in Liverpool a couple of nights before I might see about doing a NORTHERN TOUR.

Whilst I'm at it, I've also playing a SLY gig this Sunday, at The Victoria near Mornington Cresent. It's a Fortuna Pop! afternoon and evening gig, with me, The Would Be Goods, and Long Johnny Silver supporting some Australians (er... whose names I've forgotten...) who are over for a TOUR. I'm on about 7pm, I think, and I'm sort of hoping to INVEIGLE people who are there to come along to the gig at the 12 Bar next Thursday.

I've just checked the GIGS page, and also my ROCK DATABASE, and it turns out that this is the busiest month of ROCK I've ever had (barring TOURS). Cool huh?

posted 20/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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