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Blog: ARGH! Scary Fear!

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I went to see "War Of The Worlds" last night. Much comment has been made about it's 12A rating, as some have suggested it's a bit too scary for children. I personally would suggest it should have a 40+ rating, as it was FAR FAR TOO FRIGHTENING for 35 year olds! ARGH! SCARY FEAR! That was the most TERRIFYING film i've seen at the pictures - YIPES!

I suppose it might JUST have SOMETHING to do with The Current Political Climate, as it was RIDDLED with "Oh LORDY!" moments, like the bit with the crashed plane, or when the buildings get destroyed, or ESPECIALLY The Bit With The Train. EEK! URK! I got some funny looks on the TOOB on the way home, largely because i looked VERY NERVOUS - this wasn't because my rucksack contained anything dodgy (apart from my whiffy PE Kit, but that's not unusual), it was because the TOOB NOISES were exactly the same as the TRIPODS clanking around, and i was a bit afeared LEST one of THEM came haring down the tunnel. Where's David Essex when you need him eh? Jeff Wayne's version was never like this!

I mean, it's dead good - whilst watching it I thought "Yes, this is Important Film Making, this is What It Would Be Like if... well, if Martians attacked. Er... why is that important then?" and ON BALANCE i must say it was all A Bit Much. Especially as the moral of the story appears to be "Don't worry about being a bit of a selfish sod all your life - if events beyond your ken unfold your daughter will respect you due to The Common Cold." Is this REALLY what we need to teach our young people?

posted 28/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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