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Excitement builds here, as I've just had a phone call from The Date Stamp On My Reciept to let me know that the new "Hey Hey 16K" t-shirts have arrived! OOH!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned these on here before, but if i have, I'm about to again - SO many people have asked about t-shirts, especially in relation to our appearance at the Retrovision Convention next week, that I thought I'd finally BUCKLE and get some new ones. These are NOT like the old Hey Hey 16K t-shirts that the lovely Mr Dave Green of Need To Know did a couple of years ago, these are all new in design, colour and... er... PHYSICAL ATOMS!

I haven't seen the finished articles yet, but if they are as good in REALITY as they are in MY BRANE then my WORD they shall be wondrous articles of clothing! If all goes to plan they'll be "launched" next Sunday in Manchester, and if there's any left after that they'll be in the SHOP shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile I'm listening to the album in a NEW ORDER today, perhaps foolishly based on the running order for "REVOLVER" as, obviously and without a shadow of ludicrousity, that's the benchmark we're aiming for... well, I always categorise our stuff by BEATLES albums ("This Is Not A Library" was supposed to be "The White Album" and "Say It With Words" was "Rubber Soul", so we're OWED a "Revolver") and so I tried to set the running order for THIS one to match "Revolver"'s.

It works pretty well - it's VERY exciting having "Tell Me Something You Do Like" RUNNING HEADLONG into "Girlfriend Alarmed" anyway, but there's MONTHS of this to go until we have to go to the pub and FITE about it, so please stand by for MANY MANY MANY MORE daft ideas of this sort. They're the best bit!

posted 1/9/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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if indie albums have taught us anything over the years* it's that the penultimate track of the album must be the EIGHT MINUTE CONCEPT WIG OUT and the last track must be the two minute downbeat, yet uplifting one.

*clearly this is debatable
posted 2/9/2005 by CarsmileSteve

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