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Blog: Mixing and TOMORROW

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OOH! I've just been listening to the new MIX of "Quality Of Life Enhancement Machine", fresh from Frankie Machine's SOUND LAB. It's VERY exciting, there's BITS in it , and LOUDNESS and all sorts of things that usually we never have time to think about. It's also WEIRD listening to it, as we've never really REmixed anything before, as such - Kev and I usually sat down and did the mixing EITHER just after we'd recorded it OR using the recording mix as a basis, so doing it from scratch again is a bit disorientating at first, but it seems to be WORKING. HOOPLA!

In other news, if anybody is coming to see us tomorrow night at RETROVISION, we'll be there from about 7pm trying to flog t-shirts (they're NICE!), and then onstage, i think, about 8.30-9pm. There will be MUCHO NEW MATERIAL!

posted 9/9/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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