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After my ADVENTURE IN DENTISTRY yesterday i spent the rest of the day TOILING at the COALFACE OF ROCK, trying to finish off the artwork for "The Uberset" AND do all of the multimedia ASPECT. It was a whole lot of EFFORT, but I'm quite pleased with it - click here for a sneaky look at the cover. The multimedia bit's fairly basic - it's got links, lyrics for the songs, a bit of NOTES for each, details of the album each song comes from and an extra BONUS song taken from each album - but it DOES look quite nice, and it has what i believe they call an "Easter Egg", in Modern Parlance.

It's not hidden very well, but it is a BIT - it's an entirely NEW SONG, what i wrote yesterday afternoon. I say "I wrote", but really it is an Hibbett/Machine/Pattison composition, as it is based on an email Tim sent to The Validators, which Francis Albert responded to. LYRICS are in the Song Blog, DETAILS are in the Annotations, and as stated the SONG itself can be found on the CD.

It's all being sent off the be manufactured tonight, and hopefully it'll be being made whilst i'm on HOLIDAY next week. We're off to play at The Water Rats tonight, and if I get time i shall BLOG it tomorrow morning before we go, otherwise everybody take care and I'll FACT BACK a week on Monday, with holiday TALES and, hopefully, the next issue of the newsletter. Now, where's me passport?

posted 23/9/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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