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There's a few more gigs up now on the even newer, even MORE Improved GIGS PAGE. As well as links to the venue, address, phone number and details of what's happening it's ALSO now got PRICING. Yes, i know I should really have had all that on to start with, but still: i am CHUFFED by it's Tidy Appearance. NICE!

The next gig's in Leicester at Bar Firefly (we're on at 6pm but I'm hoping to get there for The Chemistry Experiment at 4pm), then - JUST IN! - I'm off to Lewisham again on Sunday 23rd to play at The Fox & Firkin. This is always a LOVELY GIG... as is my appointment the NEXT weekend on October 29th when I'm back in Sheffield for The FUZZTIVAL. The following weekend there's another NEW ADDITION, I'm playing at "The Cattlemarket", a Winston Echo/Retro Spankees DO, at The Labour Club in Northampton. It's been YEARS since I played with Northampton - BOTH times I've played there were with VOON, and BOTH stand TALL in my memory. The first time was one of Voon Classic's BEST! GIGS! EVER! when GURLS stormed the stage and the promoter was so impressed he later tried to organise a FESTIVAL in our honour. The second time was one of the few times we played outside Leicester with the Hibbett/Wilkinson/Lawson lineup, and somewhere there is a video of us CLEARING THE PUB. Aaah, happy days!

Hopefully that won't happen this time though... next day I'm at The Light Programme in Stoke Newington (which I seem to have been looking forward to for AGES) and then the NEXT gig i have booked is in FEBRUARY next year, with The Fighting Cocks!! It's nice to have something BOOKED that far ahead, but it does seem a while away. Obviously I'm AWAY from November 20th - December 20th, and should be doing a couple of gigs WORLDWIDE, but if there's anything else going, do let me know!

posted 11/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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What's happened to that nice Mark chap who used to write the posts?
posted 11/10/2005 by Dan

It's a dull answer to a GOOD QUESTION: the Validators webpage has our Official Band Names on it (e.g. Frankie Machine is NOT his real name), so for the sake of uniformity on that screen I changed my onscreen identity from "Mark" to "MJ Hibbett", and thus it changed here too... see, i told you it was dull!!
posted 11/10/2005 by Mark

Can't fault you, that is dull. Brand consistency is not the most exciting of subjects.
posted 12/10/2005 by Dan

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