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I know I was FED UP during the lengthy removal of The Central Line, but i never realised how MUCH until now when I'm back to my ROCKING SELF again. WHAT a difference it makes getting home before 8 o'clock, and even being IN work at a decent time. Life is BLOODY GRATE again, and thus i spent the entire weekend working through my Big List Of Things To Do. And LO! there was much ticking.

I've now nearly FINISHED the Futuristic Multimedia Aspect of the CD, and i tell you this, it BLOODY ROCKS. As well as all the lyrics and annotations I've been doing here, there's also information about who plays what, how the BAND got together, how the RECORDINGS were done, what the title means, a whole other ALBUM's worth of demo versions of (nearly) all the songs, and six complete OTHER tracks. Also complete ROCK diaries from the past three years, AND there'll be a photograph album AND stuff about the Validators AND it all looks ACE. My fingers fairly CRACKLED over the keyboard making it all work, and i am WELL CHUFFED with it.

I also wrote some more Annotations, but blogger packed in while I was doing it. There is, however, some NEW new stuff up there today to keep you going, and also of course that Merchant Ivory Punks download for Leisure Listening. Let's ROCK!

posted 14/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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