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Blog: They're Here!

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Wahey! "The Uberset" CDs have finally arrived... and they look GORGEOUS. Obviously they couldn't FAIL to look nice, as they have a picture of ME doing KARATE on the front (hey! it's the first time i've had a COMPLETELY solo release EVER, it was an opportunity to good to miss!), but they've also come out really NICELY. They're YELLOW and have a sort of MATT finish and... ooh, they look GOOD. They also WORK properly as well, which is always a relief.

THUS I'll have some copies to sell at The Fox & Firkin in LEWISHAM on Sunday night, and also at The Fuzztival next Saturday (i'm getting VERY excited about this now!), Northampton the Saturday after and then my (possibly!) FINAL UK GIG of 2005 at The Light Programme on the Sunday. They'll ALSO be in the SHOP soon, if anyone's EAGER to get their hands on them - more FACT when it's done, but until now i am busying myself with just LOOKING at them. OOH! They're EVER so nice!

posted 21/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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