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We've hit a small SNAG in the development of our album... when we recorded everything we brought it back from Cornwall on DVDs. At the time i was AFEARED that something would go HORRIBLY WRONG, and in a funny kind of way I am relieved because it sort of HAS!

We've just had WORD from Mr Francis Albert Machine in his Production Bunker that the files for "Better Things To Do" and "Never Going Back To Aldi's" have got CORRUPTED, and so are UNUSABLE. He rang Mark in Cornwall, and it turns out the original files have now been DELETED. URK! Also, DOUBLE URK!

He's sending back the DVD concerned to see if it can be recovered at SOURCE, but it's not particularly hopeful that they will. This, by the way, will be the bit in THE FILM ("A Fridge Full Of ROCK - the STORY of MJ Hibbett & The Validators") when the soundtrack goes OFF suddenly, and there's a series of close-ups of our PAINED FACES, before we TAKE ON this challenge and - fantastically - come out the other side STRONGER. "Never Going Back To Aldi's" was one of the first songs we mixed so had some time spent on it, and really sounds FINE. I wouldn't like it to be on the ALBUM mixed differently from all the other things, and it's not really one of the REAL BIG HITTERS, so I am philosophically thinking that maybe it's nominated ITSELF to be one of the songs that DOESN'T go on the album.

Oh yeah - we've got more songs than we need, so at least a couple will be removed and instead appear on the EP which we're thinking of putting out first, maybe in March. Did i mention that before? The THORT is to also have a band version of "Leave My Brother Alone" too, as we all like that one.

So yes, that's OK, although "Better Things To Do" is a bit more of a BLOW, as that was the one many of us considered THE FIRST SINGLE, and the rough mix ISN'T really up to using in this case. HOWEVER (and this'll be a big rallying speech in the film - featuring WIND MACHINE) maybe this is the GODS OF ROCK saying unto us "LO! That's a really nice song, and you can do it a) better and b) without speeding up quite so much in the middle, thus get thee back and have another go, lest we SMITE you! LO!"

We've got to record the aforementioned "Leave My Brother Alone" anyway, and ALSO there's a possibility that we'll do "Dino At The Sands" too (we have a UKELELE track recorded by Jimmy From The Bobby McGees to use as the basis, if we do it), so we'll have to do some recording next year whatever happens, so it's not the end of the world. In a funny KRAZY KINDA WAY i'm quite pleased, as it means the album sessions, which i REALLY enjoyed, haven't finished after all!

posted 27/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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