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Blog: More Fun In Paradise

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Aloha again, one and all, it's another Beautiful Morning In Paradise, as they say round here in downtown WAIKIKI, and very nice it is too. As mentioned the other day, Hawaiians turn out to be EXPONENTIALLY JOLLIER than mainland Americans, so there has been much LARFS and humorousity, talking to people in shops has been FUN, and even though lots of people still don't understand what I'm saying, they at least don't want to FITE me because of it.

As planned, we did spend much of our first day LOAFING around and being jetlagged, then yesterday we headed off to Pearl Harbour. It was another one of those situations where my brain REFUSED to accept what was going on. The whole thing was surprisingly Respectful and Dignified and Moving and Balanced, with a 23 minute Film about the whole thing that was dead interesting, before we shuffled out onto a boat and into a harbour. Five minutes later I thought "I'm in Pearl Harbour standing right above the USS Arizona" but couldn't really get it to fit inside my BRANE.

We headed back to town after that, strolled around Alo Moana Park (which, again, was too much like Off The Telly to accept), then along the canal and home, where i got a bit carried away with cooking and had a DISASTER involving burnt rice, hot pans, and plastic chopping boards. Luckily The Onions In My Stir Fry was on hand to sort things out, and all eventually became well again.

Oh, and in other news, I've been doing a bit of WRITING on THE BOOK - i've got to provide a sample chapter and structure by the end of January, and I think I've figured out how it's going to work. It's all rather exciting!

Anyway, must dash - today we're climbing a VOLCANO then going to the BEACH! WAHEY!

posted 1/12/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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MJ Hibbett and the Hula Dancers say 'This is not Waikiki'!!!!
posted 2/12/2005 by scrambledgreggs

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