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A very good morning to one and all, and I hope everybody's getting back into the SWING of things. I'm back at work after a LOVELY week and and a half off, during which i REVELLED rather in NOSTALGIA. This wasn't due to The Time Of Year or anything, it was WORK, for LO! i have been researching my ROCK HISTORY for The Book. The main thing I have worked out is that during the 1990's i was in the pub very nearly ALL THE TIME. I was going through my DIARY which ran up until mid 1992, which had ENORMOUS gaps in it where I'd gone to THE PUB, and then rifling through mounds of flyers, posters, magazines and old appointment diaries trying to work out where I was WHEN, and again, where i was was largely THE PUB, although a lot of the time i was at gigs. It's also interesting (NB: to me) to notice the GAPS, when I'm not sure what was happening. For instance, for most of the lifetime of VOON I kept tons of things, so can work out pretty much ALL the gigs I did, but then towards the end of that and into the time of The Council there's almost nothing. I seem to remember being Generally Fed Up around then, so I guess that's why. This was all of course in the days before there was an Interweb, otherwise I could have looked it all up, as it is I'm hoping that Tim's legendary GIGS SPREADSHEET will be able to shed some light on what occurred!

And talking of GIGS, i have a few REVISIONS for The Gigs Page. First of all the gig next week in Norwich is OFF - we were at last minute fill-in support as it was, then the main band dropped out, so it's not happening after all, though hopefully we'll be back there later in the year. Secondly i have had a COMPLAINT from The Boardwalk - our gig in Sheffield on the 27th of this month is NOT at The Boardwalk in any way shape or form, it's actually at The Grapes! Apparently some people have been CONTACTING them for tickets, which is rather exciting, which they cannot provide as it's not them. The phone number for tickets is now on the gigs page if anyone needs it. Sorry about that!

Finally, one more gig to add - in April I'm playing at The Harrison in London at the Songbird night, an acoustical type affairs that's just starting up, and looks quite fun. I'm VERY READY INDEED to get back on THE ROAD now, after a couple of months without doing much GIGGAGE, so if you're interested in me coming and playing in your HOOD, do let me know won't you?

posted 4/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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