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Blog: A Christmas Farewell

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This lunchtime I went to the post office and posted off the LAST copy of "Milk & Baubles", and amended the shop to take it OFF sale, some FOUR Christmases after it was first released as a Christmas Single. It never DID become the Christmas Hit we hoped for (i know! i was as surprised as anybody!), and many many copies "disappeared" via our old distributors, but still I am surprised to find it GONE from us, as it was never one that I really sold much at gigs. It's NOT going to be repressed either, so if you want a copy now you'll have to wait until Shed Anthems sells out (NB it'll be a while!), at which point i can re-release both EPs together. Or, you know, you could probably tape it off someone. Or off me.

ANYWAY, that's that done, which means a temporary change to the shop, with The Uberset stepping up to fill Milk & Baubles' place in The Back Catalogue Gift Pack. I say temporary because, with only a few copies of "This Is Not A Library" left, it won't be long before the GIFT option changes again. I'll probably take it off altogether for a while, at least until we get the new album finished.

And talking of which - WHOO! Mr F Machine has FACTED me some more mixes today, and it is sounding REAL GOOD. I am Quite Excited about it all over again. We're actually off to Derby on Sunday to record a couple more songs, so very slowly we are creeping towards COMPLETION. It feels like a LONG time since we were in Cornwall, but if my MEMOIR RESEARCHES have told me anything (apart from that there may have been things happening in the 1990s that I missed by being in the pub) it is that This Sort Of Thing Takes Time. It took three years to do "This Is Not A Library", compared to that we are like ROCK JACKALS ON SPEED!

posted 5/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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