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Blog: Strolling Back To Normality

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A very happy, ORDINARY, Friday to one and all! I tell you what, after a couple of months of PLANNING, PLOTTING and ACTUALLY DOING Circumnavigation and Christmas, it feels really nice to be back in Life As Usual. Last night, right, i went to the pub just for the SAKE of it! It was ACE! Tonight I'm going home to MY HOUSE, where we'll have TEA! Fantastic!

It's reminding me how much i actually LIKE my life, it is a Pretty Good Thing that i have going on here, and it feels GROOVY to be back living it again. Mind you, next week will be my first Full Week At Work for about two months, so i may change my mind by next Friday!

Another part of Life Returning To Normal is GIG GETTING. I've emailed a couple of places to ask about gigs, and at the same time a couple of people have FACTed ME about playing, although it turns out that I can't really do either of them. Ooh, i hate saying "No" to gigs, it goes ILL with me as I always think it means no-one will ever ask me again. Still, plenty to be getting on with in the meantime - it's the big weekend of ROCK this weekend, for instance. I'm off to ESSEX tomorrow to record a session for Brentwood's Only Alternative, then it's band practice in Leicester in the evening, and RECORDING in Derby on Sunday.

All the FACT re. all the above will be here on Monday, tube strike willing, so have a good weekend everybody, and ENJOY the life you've got!

posted 6/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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