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Sorry about the lack of updates lately, i have been DEAD BUSY. It seems like everybody who has ever mentioned wanting me to DO something has gone into work on the first Monday of the year and said sternly to themselves "RIGHT! Let's HASSLE HIBBETT!" for LO! there has been a lot of it about.

The good thing about all of this is that some of it will mean i get PAID a bit of extra money... this is GOOD because I'm going to need it to PAY for some of the GRATE NEW IDEAS we (i.e. generally TIM) have been having, such as putting a SINGLE out 6-8 weeks before the album, and indeed having a PRESS PLUGGER to get us into the press. I am very much ABANDONING our first idea of trying to get somebody else to release the album now - it seems a bit daft in this age of iTunes and The Arctic Monkeys to try and do things the old fashioned way, especially after, you know, us being PIONEERS of the old internet marketing thing. No, come back, we ARE - "Hey Hey 16K" was the first internet single, and i shall GLARE at anybody who says it wasn't! So yes, My CURRENT THORT is to put the album out ourselves again (tho maybe with proper distribution this time), and have a look at getting our stuff on iTunes and all that. I don't suppose anybody reading this has a CLUE how to do that do they? I got a nanopod for Christmas but haven't got round to using it yet, so am A Bit Behind...

Another thing I've been a bit busy with has been getting stuff together for a big meeting at work - the project I work on has fieldworkers all over the country, and this week they all came down to London for their annual meeting. THUS i was going to be in a room with about 35 DEDICATED WOMEN who would NOT be fobbed off if i had made any mistakes, and so we had to be PREPARED.

As well as that, the evening was our CHRISTMAS DO, held back so that they could all come, and there was a FREE BAR. I was thus able to show my colleague BRIAN, who is over here from America, a particular PROUD piece of British Iconography that he had not had a chance to see and does not usually feature in the Tourist Trips: Drunken Northern Women, Goading Younger More Drunken Men Into Breakdancing For Them. Aaah, it made me so PROUD to be British. "See, Brian!" i said, "Here is BRITISH WOMANHOOD in all its glory!" and LO! he was AWED. We joined in with them, and although the young man was too addled to get on the floor and bust some moves, we felt that the ritual had been carried out adequately. Shortly after this the BEER MONEY ran out so i decided to start dropping full glasses of wine on the floor, but we need not investigate that too deeply.

Suffice to say, BUSY NESS and BUSINESS have been the order of the week, with more to come. I'm getting quite excited now at the prospect of us Actually Releasing A Proper Album this year. Another thing that's keeping me busy is going through my ARCHIVES to try and work out what happened when, as BOOK RESEARCH, and I'm just now doing 1999-2000, when "Say It With WOrds" came out, and I was running into shops to LOOK at my record being there, and scanning through magazines to see if we'd get mentioned. It was a WHOLE LOT of FUN, and we're going to be doing it AGANE soon - HOORAH!

posted 13/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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For iTunes, try

NB: "Thanks for your interest in the iTunes Music Store.
Please use this form to tell us more about the types of music you have to offer. We are evaluating hundreds of applications, so it may take longer than we'd like to get back to you. But don't worry - we will review your application and contact you if we are interested in including your music in the iTunes Music Store. We will also keep your application on file for future reference, so there's no need to submit it more than once."

There's also and probably tons of others.
posted 13/1/2006 by Dan

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