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Blog: In Other News

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Just a quick mention for the FACT that we have MORE GIGS on the gig list, with one just added in Cambridge on March 11th with the LOVELY Colonel Bastard. We're also playing Sheffield, Leicester, Surrey and THAT LONDON soon, so a) do pop along if you're free and b) let us know if you'd like us to come round your way!

Meanwhile: TELLY. I haven't watched the last episode of LOST yet (it's on tape for the weekend - DON'T! TELL! ME!), but i DID watch "Life On Mars" the other night, which i thought was BLOODY GRATE. I'll not do the "ooh, leather jacketed time traveller" GAG, but it DID get me almost as excited as Dr Who, ESPECIALLY the bit where they JUMPED over the table. It was DEAD GOOD. I also watched "Hyperdrive" the other night, which surprised me by being REALLY FUNNY, and also sort of LOVELY and NICE. Nearly every comedy thing that comes on telly at the moment leaves me feeling a bit dirty, like you're watching somebody getting humiliated and not doing anything about it, but this was all PROPER COMEDY, like Father Ted, and was ACE.

TV Reviewing: PIECE OF PISS.

posted 13/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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